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Flight Data Monitoring

The APIBOX System is specifically designed to record a large number of aircraft and flight parameters as well as recording audio and video signals with the objective of reviewing and analyzing them on the ground for various purposes. According to the overwhelming quantity of recorded data and the difficult and lengthy task of reviewing them all, iAero has developed an Analysis Software that can be programmed to provide warnings at different operational thresholds in order to cater to the specificities of the operations being monitored.

The Analysis Software of the APIBOX System provides a great flexibility of utilization. Data monitoring can be performed on any single parameter, any set of parameters or any number of selected recorded parameters.

Data monitoring can also be performed by identifying a pilot or an aircraft, by selecting a pre-programmed operational procedure, a date or a period of time



APIBOX FDM is compliant with FAA rule 135.607. (FAA Rule 135.607: By April 23, 2018, all helicopter air ambulances must be equipped with a flight data monitoring system that is capable of recording the aircraft’s state, condition and performance.)


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Incidents/Accidents Analysis

As of today, a very high number of General Aviation crash enquiries does not lead to any conclusion due to the absence of pertinent and reliable data relating to the mishap. APIBOX provides investigators with a wealth of recorded audio and flight and data systems that will assist them in identifying and understanding the causes of the accident and therefore contributes to improve flight safety.

APIBOX meets or exceeds all regulatory specifications applying to commercial Flight Data Recorder for general aviation and can be installed as such on any platform.

Training support

APIBOX’s specifications were jointly defined with the Flight Training Academy of the French Air Force to develop a mean of improving flight training processes by providing a capability to the training organization of reviewing trainee flying performances on the ground in a user friendly and effective way.

The system will detect any flight envelop limitations (VR, VFE, VNE, VSO, VSI) that has not been respected or any deviation from pre-established flight procedures: taxi speed, climb, departing procedure, low speed flying, stalls, approaches.

It’s a unique tool that allows any pilot or his instructor to review a flight in 3D with all the desired data displayed on a synthetic and user-friendly graphic.

The review of recorded flight data performed on the ground with a flight instructor, particularly the review of mistakes and mishandlings, allows explaining precisely to the student where things went wrong, how and why as well as on how to rectify the mistakes by reviewing and re-explaining the right procedure and/or handling of the controls.


Troubleshooting Assistance

The APIBOX System is also a great assistance to mechanics in performing their maintenance tasks both on the airframe and on the engine(s) by providing the ability to analyze on the ground, once the flight’s over, the recorded parameters relating to an incident or a failure. It allows detecting any exceeded limitations, both on the airframe (VFE, VNE, G loads, and hard landings) or on the engine (overtemp, overtorque, over speed). It allows performing continuous trend monitoring of engine, systems and components performances and to anticipate maintenance issues before a failure occurs.