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System Description

Standard Apibox System

The standard Apibox system consists in five main components:

  • The Memory and Data Processing Unit, which receives digital raw data from the Sensor Interface Unit, converts them into directly readable parameters and stores them into the hardened and fire proof memory. Recorded capacity of the MDPU is very large, both in terms of audio signals and recorded parameters.
  • The Power Supply Unit, which is directly connected to the aircraft battery and supplies 14 or 28V DC to the Memory and Data Processor Unit.
  • The Sensor Interface Unit which receives all the aircraft standard analogical and digital inputs as well as the pilot and copilot audio intercom unit signals and processes them into required formats before transmitting them to the Memory and Data Processing Unit.
  • The Data Retrieval Unit, which is mounted on the instrument panel of the aircraft, in which the pilot inserts his personal SD card before the flight and removes it after the flight.
  • A GPS, which is installed inside the aircraft, provides independent trajectory data to the Sensor Interface Unit.

Standard Apibox System

Additional functions

Several optional equipments are available to cater for various potential requirements such as: multi- engines aircraft, turbines, engines with Fadec, additional accelerometers, transmission interface unit, fuel flow indication, Arinc interfaces and so on. The list hereafter presents the most common options generally requested but is not exhaustive. Customers should enquiry with iAero for any specific application they may require.