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Apibox System in Grob Aircraft

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For the pilot training, we have developed the G120TP Training System. This system consists of Computer Based Training, Virtual and Augmented Reality, a desktop trainer for the EFIS and several different simulation levels (Part task trainers, Egress Trainer) with the G120TP Simulator at the top end. The Sim features a 300×155° dome visual system which is pretty unique in this aircraft size. The visual system is available in a modular configuration so that it may be tailored to the end customers’ needs and budgets. A very important feature of the training system is the Mission support system. It allows us to plan, brief, fly and debrief the sortie (a training flight, editor’s note) with data derived from the Flight Data Recorder (FDR). The FDR is not mandatory for the size and weight of the G120TP but every user has chosen to install that option in order to have an unbiased record of the flight for debriefing. The FDR also features audio recording and can be augmented with the optional video system.

The debriefing of a sortie is crucial for the progress of the students. The more lessons you learn in a sortie (also by making mistakes) the more you gain from it. But, if nobody points at your mistakes or has no means of getting the message to the student it is a wasted sortie. The FDR also enhances Flight Safety and Discipline since the instructors are “supervised“ as well during their flying.