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iAero’s philosophy has been based from its early stage on the belief that simplicity is the major prerequisite for any equipment or system to be cost effective and commercially successful. Since our first experience – an auto pilot with no gyro – was a success, we were comforted in the idea that this philosophy was the one to apply. The project was initially launched as a challenge resulting from the fact that many ultra light or light aircraft pilots would dream of having an auto pilot, but the complexity, the weight and the price of such existing equipments were totally prohibitive for the targeted applications. Therefore the solution could only come from a totally different new approach making abstraction of technologies used in existing systems.

This first success reinforced us in our belief that: “A simple way is always the best way”.

This principle has survived iAero’s technical and commercial developments over the last few years and has proven right, time after time and as a result became our motto. The second principle was established during the Flight Data Recorder development and, in a way, derives from the first one :

“To design a system that can be directly connected to existing aircraft sensors without interfering with the integrity of existing data acquisition systems and without compromising security.”

To achieve this goal, iAero has conceived various types of interface (discrete, analog, ARINC, mil-1533, …) which are not intrusive and allow the FDR installation without altering aircraft or equipment’s type certificate. As an example, the APIBOX is connected to the PC6’s Pratt & Whitney PT6 turboprop without interfering with existing instrumentation. In a similar way, we are connected to the Attitude and Heading Referential System of the DA42 equipped with the G1000 avionics suite. Another very important principle is that we are not living in a frozen world and that everything changes at a faster and faster pace, particularly over the last decade. This applies not only to people and their wishes, but also to technology, materials, manufacturing processes, performances of equipments, regulations and so on and so forth.

Considering this principle, our software and hardware are designed using modular and open architectures, allowing the evolution of the system by changing or modifying only necessary elements.

This particular philosophy allows us to upgrade our products on a continuous basis and to enhance their performances at a very low cost for our customers. It also allows us to integrate easily our customers’ specific requirements at a very reasonable cost.