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Debriefing Software

The Debriefing Software provided with the APIBOX System allows replaying and reviewing all the recorded parameters on a  computer or possibly on a flight simulator.

It is a highly valuable tool for any flight operation organization and more particularly for flight schools. It allows reviewing trainees’ performance by identifying faults or weak points and correcting them at a very early stage. Training efficiency is therefore greatly enhanced which is often reflected by less flying hours and reduced time to achieve proficiency.

Trajectory can be displayed in 3D on a neutral background with a view of the outside of the aircraft or a view of inside of the cockpit.
Each recorded parameter can be selected for review or any combination of parameters. One can directly display values corresponding to either a single point of the trajectory or localize a specific point from the parameters list.

A window allows to display the list of discrepancies or exceedances and to access them directly just by clicking on the selected event.


Technical aspects :

  • Can be installed on several computers
  • Configuration system: Windows (coming soon : Mac OS, IPhone and IPad)
  • Export of recorded data possible toward Excel® (CSV), Google Earth® (KML) or toward flight simulators such as X-Plane® or Flight Simulator®.
  • Two levels of data management: Administrator (Chief pilot, Flight Safety Officer, Maintenance Manager, etc.) and Common User (Trainee, Technician, etc.).