apibox solution

Analysis software

Flight recording

APIBOX is specially designed to record a large number of flight and aircraft parameters as well as audio and video signals for review and analysis on the ground.

Given the large amount of data recorded, and the difficulty and waste of time having to review them all, iAero has therefore developed analysis software that can be configured to trigger alerts at different thresholds to meet specific requirements. operational.

The APIBOX analysis software is therefore very flexible, since the data monitoring can be done according to the parameters chosen by you.

You can also track data for a specific aircraft or pilot, selecting a longer date or duration.


Incident / accident analysis

Even today, a large number of air crashes remain unresolved. Often, General Aviation is faced with a critical lack of reliable information to complete its investigation. APIBOX provides inspectors with a wealth of audio recordings, flight data and system information that will help them identify and understand the causes of the accident. It thus contributes to improving flight safety.


APIBOX meets or exceeds all regulatory specifications for a general aviation flight recorder and can be installed as such on any platform.

Training Support

The French Air Force flight school has partnered with iAero to define the specifics of APIBOX. By offering pilot training organizations the opportunity to easily and effectively study student pilot performance on the ground, APIBOX enables schools to improve their training.


The system detects any flight envelope limits (VR, VFE, VNE, VSO, VS) not respected or any deviations from the pre-established flight procedures, whether speed on the taxiway, nose-up angle, departure procedures, flight at low speed, level flight, approach phase etc.


It is a unique tool that allows any pilot or instructor to not only review their flight in 3D but also display all of their flight data on a readable and synthetic graphic.


The study of the recorded flight data (and especially those of errors or clumsiness) made with the flight instructor makes it possible to explain precisely to the student why it went wrong, and how to rectify these errors by explaining again the right procedures and maneuvers.

Help with problem solving

Thanks to its ability to analyze a completed flight on the ground and record parameters related to an accident or breakdown, APIBOX is a valuable aid to the maintenance of the airframe and aircraft engines.
It allows the detection of the limits being exceeded, whether they are those of the airframe (VFE, VNE, load factor and hard landings) than that of the engine (overheating, over torque, overspeed, etc.).
APIBOX therefore allows continuous monitoring of engine performance and component systems in order to anticipate maintenance problems and avoid breakdowns.