Your advantages

Your advantages

Each profession or function will get benefits from our APIBOX system

Quality / efficiency of pilot training

  • Debriefing software (data + audio & video)
  • Base of real and educational cases
  • Analysis of solo flights
  • Facilitates progress by working on the ground or at home
  • Accelerator of the student pilot’s progress
  • Added value for ATO / DTO
  • Controlled and optimized training costs

Optimize the availability of your fleet

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Facilitates diagnostics
  • Helps planning of maintenance and repair
  • Optimized maintenance time

Safety increase & cost reduction

  • Security
    • Alert settings (Trend monitoring): failure prevention
    • Limitation of risky practices
    • Decrease (observed) in incidents on aircraft equipped
    • Real time monitoring
    • Diagnosis of breakdowns and accidents (FDM)
  • Cost reduction

    • Transfer of predictive maintenance data
    • Reduced costs of planned maintenance
    • Gains on engine and propeller potential (flight hours can be calculated on hours in motion rather than block / block)
    • Optimized cost and duration of training
    • Insurance discount *