Our jobs

Flight tests

A team of flight test pilots at the service of your developments

Take advantage of the aeronautical expertise and skills of iAero test pilots (including Gérald Ducoin, co-manager of the company) to validate your development options, your projects in the test phase or the receipt of equipment after heavy maintenance.

This work can range from the development and implementation of a flight test program for an ultralight aircraft to reception flights of civil or military aircraft such as the Airbus A300, the C-130 or the Boeing KC-135. .

The iAero test pilots are all graduates of the Flight Test and Reception Staff School.

Benefits and Approvals

Operational solutions, simple, adapted to your specific need

Solutions always designed in a spirit of simplicity and cost optimization


A very experienced flight test team
9 test pilots (including an instructor)
+ 50,000 hours of cumulative test flights
Planes and Helicopters
A unique contribution from the iAero R&D culture and skills to support your tests.


PART 145 FR.145.646