apibox solution

Debriefing software

Flight simulator

The debriefing software supplied with the APIBOX system allows you to review and analyze all the data recorded on your computer (Windows or MacOs) or possibly on a flight simulator.

It is a valuable tool for any flight operations organization and especially for flight schools. It allows students to analyze their performance by identifying their weaknesses and mistakes to correct them as soon as possible. This greatly increases the effectiveness of training, which generally results in a reduction in the number of flying hours and learning time required.

When analyzing the data, you can select any parameter or set of parameters and display their value corresponding to a point on the trajectory or locate a point on the trajectory corresponding to the selected value of a parameter.

You can also display the list of exceedances in a window and then access them directly just by selecting the event.

Technical aspects

  • Can be installed on one or more computers
  • System configuration: Windows or MacOs
  • Possible export of recorded data:
    • to Excel (CSV)
    • Google Earth (KML)
    • or to flight simulators such as X-Plane or Flight Simulator
  • 2 levels of data management :
    • Administrator (chief pilot, aviation safety officer, maintenance manager, etc.)
    • User (student, technician, etc.)