Flight recorder

For general and business aviation

It allows the recording of a large number of flight and aircraft parameters, as well as audio and video. This information can thus be analyzed on the ground using specific and easy-to-use software.

After each flight, the system data can easily be transferred using a standard SD card. We can then review this data on a computer using analysis software provided with the system.

The analysis software can offer, depending on the degree of sophistication chosen by the user, alarms to warn you of malfunctions of your aeronautical systems, of overruns of the flight envelope or of a possible change in procedures flight.

The APIBOX system is compact, lightweight and easy to install.

It will give you fully intelligible data recordings.

The APIBOX system

The advantages of APIBOX

Universal: any type of aircraft, any type of data

Simplicity, precision and reliability

Quick return on investment

Fire and crash resistance (according to ED-155)

Real time monitoring

Ideal for training