General presentation

General presentation

A recording
and exploitation solution

APIBOX is a recording and operating (FDM) solution for flight data and parameters (data, audio and video) designed and developed entirely by iAero. The solution is dedicated specifically to light aviation and rotorcraft and in particular to pilot training. But not only…

A complete solution

An unique solution on the market composed of :

  • A modular hardware part (recording and “black box” function)
  • A flight data analysis software
  • A flight debriefing and analysis application

Its development was launched in 2005 and its first EASA approved installation was carried out in 2007 on a Grob 120.

Namely: version 2 of APIBOX gave birth, through the BEA, to the ICAO working group that defined the ED-155 standard … *

Characteristics of the APIBOX solution

Data recording and processing solution (flight and parameters)

  • Audio and video data recording
  • Digital and analog instrumentation compatibility
  • Designed for general civil and military aviation
  • More than 100 flight parameters managed and usable
  • Over 1000 hours of recording
  • Real-time data transmission (GSM / Iridium)
  • Crash and fire resistant (ED-155 standard compatibility)
  • Small size, weight among the lowest on the market (2.2kg)

EASA approved solution

Debriefing and data analysis software

  • Data analysis and exploitation software
  • Analysis with graphic visualization
  • Selection of data to be used
  • Customizable display modes
  • Standard export of parameters
  • Management of audio / video information
  • Synchronization of multiple cameras
  • Web access to his flight data by the pilot

Already more than 850 APIBOX installed

More than 100 parameters managed and restored

  • Motor
    • Inlet pressure
    • RPM, N1, N2
    • CHT / TRQ
    • EGT / TOT
    • Oil temperature
    • Oil pressure
    • Fuel level and pressure…
    • Barometry
  • Barometry
    • Indicated speed
    • Pressure altitude…
  • Pilot/co-pilot
    • Audio pilot
    • Co-pilot audio
    • Pilot marker
    • Co-pilot marker…
  • Cell
    • X / Y / Z acceleration
    • Roll, pitch and yaw speed
    • Position of the trims
    • Alarm panel: oil pressure, low fuel level, alternator …
    • Outside temperature
    • Position of control surfaces …
  • 3D trajectory
    • Latitude
    • Longitude
    • Altitude
    • Ground speed
    • Road
    • Date
    • Time…

Additional analog and digital inputs can be integrated according to your needs

* The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has defined and validated the specifications of a lightweight flight recorder for the affected aircraft. This standard, called ED-155, precisely defines all the technical and operational specifications of these recorders. It should gradually come into effect from 2021.