apibox solution

Operating principles

System components

The iDAU (iAero Data Acquisition Unit) acquisition and processing module

which receives all standard analog and digital inputs from the aircraft and converts them into the appropriate format before transmitting them to the iAero Data Recording and Management Unit (iDRMU).

The iDRMU storage management module (iAero Data Recording and Management Unit)

which receives digital data from the IDAU acquisition and processing module, converts them directly into usable parameters and records them, along with the communications between the pilot and the co-pilot and other aircraft, in the reinforced fireproof memory. The recording capacity of the iDRMU is very important, both for audio signals and for recorded parameters.

This module also sends data to the APISD removable storage unit.

The APISD removable storage unit

which is mounted on the aircraft’s dashboard, in which the pilot inserts his own SD card before the flight and removes it after the flight.


which is installed in the aircraft, provides trajectory data independent of the Sensor Interface.

Benefits and Approvals

Operational solutions, simple, adapted to your specific need

Solutions always designed in a spirit of simplicity and cost optimization


The most complete solution on its market
A value for money with demonstrated ROI
Adaptable to any type of aircraft
Any type of data


PART 145 FR.145.646


Additional functions

Several optional elements are available to meet different potential needs such as: multi-engine, turbine-powered airplanes, engines with FADEC, additional accelerometers, transmission interface units, fuel flow indicators, ARINC interfaces and and so on. The above list shows the most popular options, but is not exhaustive. Our customers can turn to iAero for any specific application they may need.