flight data monitoring system

APIBOX Solution

flight data monitoring system

APIBOX Solution

Our jobs

iAero, designer of the APIBOX

The APIBOX solution, which already equips more than 1000 airplanes and helicopters, is the most complete and universal flight data recording and management (FDM) solution on the market.

Flight tests and aviation background

iAero is also a global aeronautical service company with, in particular, 4 test pilots to validate your developments or ensure complex aerial work.

Aeronautical Design office

The iAero development team ensures the evolutions of the APIBOX, and more! Our design office develops and offers you personalized solutions, always seeking efficiency and simplicity!

Our certifications


Production approval
(POA FR21G018)

Issued by EASA, which authorizes us to produce equipment approved by the DGAC which can then be installed on different types of aircraft.


Design approval

which allows us to make modifications and / or the installation of new equipment on airplanes (STC).


Maintenance Approval
(PART 145 FR.145.646)

which authorizes the repair and maintenance of our equipment


The Quality department guarantees the conformity of iAero products

All the components of the Apibox system are assembled and tested in the Darois workshops. All our equipment is delivered with an EASA Form 1.

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What is the APIBOX solution ?

Discover the solution
to record and use
data and flight parameters

The APIBOX is a general and business aviation flight monitoring system designed and developed entirely by iAero. It allows both the recording and the operation of data and flight parameters (data, audio and video). This information can then be analyzed on the ground using specific and easy-to-use software.

The APIBOX system

The advantages of APIBOX

Universal : any type of aircraft, any type of data

Simplicity, precision and reliability

Quick return on investment

Fire and crash resistance (according to ED-155)

Real time monitoring

Ideal for training

And 100% French design and production !